Re: Australian Stations - January 2020


Australian capital city stations like 873 Sydney 2GB, and 1116 Brisbane 4BC will be around a long time. This is because they attract older (maybe very old) listeners for mainly talk-back. These listeners however are on borrowed time, so who knows what will happen economically to stations like 2GB and 2UE when this older generation passes on. But current ratings surveys show that 873 2GB is the number one AM station in Sydney [1]

In view of the recent catastrophic Australian bushfires, it could be reasoned that high power ABC radio regional MW outlets are here to stay indefinitely. They provide an important PSA resource for mainly rural area listeners. High VHF band digital coverage is short-range and unreliable compared to medium wave.

The ACMA AM to FM conversions are only planned as an option for station management to decide. The ACMA cannot force AM stations to move. Existing AM stations have the option of not moving to FM. It all depends on various factors such as signal area coverage, population, transmitter fees, etc.


Sydney, AU


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