Re: Australian Stations - January 2020

Paul Blundell

Great list. I will keep an ear out for them.

On Sat, 25 Jan 2020, 11:11 a.m. Todd via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
More Australian MW stations have permanently switched off. This opens up more clear frequencies for Australian DXers.

I hope they switch off my local 1539 KHz Rete Italia Sydney transmitter. This channel has been blocked for years..

The following Rete Italia network MW stations have permanently closed:

657 Perth.
801 Gosford.
1575 Wollongong.
1593 Melbourne.
1611 Darwin.
1611 Devonport.
1611 Esperance.
1611 Hobart.
1611 Kalgoorlie.
1611 Launceston.
1611 Mackay.
1611 Rockhampton.
1611 Gladestone.
1620 Gold Coast.
1620 Toowoomba.
1620 Wangaratta.
1629 Albany.
1629 Mt Gambier.
1638 Canberra.

Reports indicate that new Australia car tuners no longer include AM. Only FM, and high VHF Digital.

999 KHz 2ST Nowra and 1134 2AD Armidale are planning to switch off and move to FM.


Sydney, AU

PS: This web page list is older, hence some more stations have switched off since then. The above list has been confirmed by DXers.

Paul - Moderator

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