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I have used this method to fix shavers, torches, radios and flash guns. I hope it helps.

Before opening the case, use cotton wool buds to wipe out excess gunge from the battery compartment. Stubborn bits can be helped by dipping a clean bud moistened, not dripping with white vinegar or lemon juice. Be careful that no liquid spills out of the battery compartment and inside the receiver. Clean around the battery terminals too. If the negative terminal(s) are springs, clean them too the same way. If you can reach the other terminal clean that too. Sometimes you need to remove the case to get better access to that.

Once inside go through the same cleaning process, carefully and a bit at a time. Loose solid pieces can be picked up with forceps, but don't squeeze too tight. Just keep going until all the green has gone. I sometimes finish with a quick wipe around with a bud moistened in isopropyl alcohol. Cotton buds with longer stems are often sold by electronics shops and suppliers. From the good old days of cleaning oxide off tape heads!


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I have an AR-1733. It was good. Sadly the batteries leaked and it is now dead.

Any suggestions as to how to dissect and possible revive it?

Michael UK

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As a side note, I am a big fan of the Digitech AR-1733 which can be
easily found in Jaycar stores locally.


The Digitech AR-1733 (and the identical Japanese market Elpa ER-C57WR)
are actually predecessors to the C.Crane Skywave model

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