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Les Rayburn

Thanks Tom! I fear that Father Time, and lots of competition for listeners are making those of us who enjoy MW a bit of endangered species. :-) 


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On Jan 23, 2020, at 2:21 PM, Tom Crosbie G6PZZ <tom@...> wrote:

Hi Les,
Not an answer to your query but just saying welcome to the Medium Wave Circle. Caught your name in magazine, which I knew from IRCA. Now you pop up here too. Small world, made smaller by radio 😊.
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Subject: Re: [UltralightDX] 2019 Shootout?
Spent some time today digging through the files for this group--and found the enthusiasm for MW DXing with Ultralights to be contagious. I've been a member of this group from afar for years, and own
several of the Ultralight approved radios. But honestly, I always thought "Nice for travel but no way these things compare to my SDR's and large antennas back home." But reading through the articles today makes me think that I am very wrong. 

Time to get serious about these little gems! 

Right now, my inventory includes a CC Crane Skywave (Original model, non-SSB), Sony SRF-T615, Sony SRF-59, Tecsun PL-310, and a few others. Spent time looking for recent shootouts to see which models were the best performers currently available, but can't find anything recent. 

Is there a recent shootout available somewhere? Is there a consensus on which models are the best for MW DXing? My main interest is in domestic stations. I'm five hours from the nearest beach, so TA and TP are not a high priority. 

It's clear that the URL guys are having fun with MW DXing--and that is why I got into this hobby. To have fun. Keep it up! 

Les Rayburn, N1LF
Birmingham, AL  

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