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Paul Blundell

Thanks Gary.

I hope this might encourage more people to join and be active in the hobby. I am planning on producing more of these videos in the future.


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On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 07:53 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
For the last little while I have been thinking about making a short video which explains a bit about the Ultralight radio DXing hobby, what it is and why I enjoy it so much. I have recently had some time to work on this and below is the end result.
Thanks for the great introductory video, Paul!

Of course I agree with you that our Ultralight radio DXing hobby has great potential for the future, especially since we seem to have spun off a new niche of "travel DXing," where even confirmed SDR-DXers are using modified (7.5 inch loopstick transplant) portables during international travel by air and cruise ship, simply because of the ease of chasing AM-DX with reasonable sensitivity in unfamiliar or crowded overseas environments-- without needing to set up any external antennas.

I had the thrill of doing this in Hong Kong last April, and it was a reasonable solution to the "double whammy" of nasty RFI indoors and overcrowded public areas outdoors. Fairly long range stations like 1413-BBC (Oman), 1413-Vesti FM (Moldova), 1431-Radio Sawa (Djibouti) and 1548-TWR (Moldova) were tracked down around sunrise in the downtown concrete jungle.

It's especially satisfying to welcome the strong Australian contingent to our Ultralight group, with many Oz experimenters and long range DXers making major contributions. Our Japanese contingent is also very strong, and of course the Canadian contribution to our group has been essential from the beginning. The joint international Ultralight DXpeditions on exotic ocean beaches have been some of my most thrilling hobby experiences, resulting in lifetime friendships with Japanese and Australian DXers. We have a great future ahead of us!

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)



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