Re: Looking for analog receiver suggestions (not necessarily modern nor ultralight)

h. garcia <pu3hag.l@...>

Hey Bill.

Awesome article! Looking at the picture, it seems they used 2 ceramic filter for the AM section.

You reported about dial stiffness or tightness. I could not find the article, but I remember another colleague complaining about it and how he got it solved: it seems you can move dial string off one of the anchor posts or pulleys. This gives just the exact amount of looseness that keeps the tuning knob lighter and proper traction at the variable capacitor wheel.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020, 01:38 mediumwavedx <desertbilly@...> wrote:
Check out the Panasonic RF-562DD. Newer, outstanding sensitivity, Some drawbacks though.

Check out my extensive review at RADIO-TIMETRAVELLER.


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