Portable Ultralight Radio DXing Kit 2020

Paul Blundell

This is an update on my previous case which has now been improved.

Last year I was sent a baby 3" FSL aerial which I wanted to carry and protect, this was my main reason for changing how this case is setup. Recently I changed this and mounted the aerial to the lid of the case, basically using it upside down. After a week or so of using this I decided that it was not working, it was time to go back to the drawing board.

This afternoon I spent some time in the shed working on this, I removed the aerial, the wood that was supporting it and the extra piece I had added to the top to hold my clipboard and notes. I started by instead placing my clipboard holder under the bottom of the case and screwing this to the bottom of the case. Next, I cut a small amount off the PVC base for the aerial which allows it to fit better, it also gives me more room at the front to store my radios. Once I was happy with the placement, I screwed some timber to the inside bottom of the case and attached the aerial to this with some screws. Finally, I added some new foam to the inside of the lid to add another level of protection.

This setup has the benefits of protecting the 3" FSL aerial from damage, keeping it off the ground and also allowing me to lean my radio against it, this provides a great level of coupling to the aerial and leaving my hands free for logging. This setup is also a lot more stable as all the weight is on the bottom section.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well this case has come out, I am able to carry and store my baby 3" FSL plus two – three radios, log sheets, pens, notes, spare batteries and ear phones, everything I need for portable sessions. It is also a good size to fit in my back pack. 

While this case was designed for ultralight DXing the same ideas could be used for amateur radio, radio scanning or any other storage need.


Paul - Moderator

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