Re: New for 2020- Hand Held Radio + FSL DXing Combos

Gary DeBock

Hi Paul,
<<<   Excellent work Gary. Are the radios attached to the frames or just sitting on them?    >>>
The radios will have a Velcro mounting system to the frames, which means they can either be attached securely for transport inside a backpack or plastic tote, or removed for optimal peaking of the tuned gain boost. For chasing DX on the higher MW frequencies the radios can simply be left in the securely mounted position, and the FSL tuned for maximum gain. On the middle and lower MW band frequencies the radio's distance from the FSL should be adjusted for the peak gain boost, and the multiple Velcro straps on the PVC frame will allow mounting of the radio at this optimal-gain position. 
For unattended DX signal recording, once the radio and FSL are tuned to the same frequency and the radio is secured at the optimal-gain position, the entire assembly can be deployed outside a window (to escape RFI) with a plug-in PVC mounting base attachment. For travel overseas to a location like Hong Kong, this capability should dramatically increase the long range transoceanic DXing potential around sunrise or sunset.
73, Gary     

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