Re: Looking for analog receiver suggestions (not necessarily modern nor ultralight)

Paul S. in CT

As for analog radios I have found these two are of good quality, good reception, and have LOOOOONG battery life (400+ hours). Each one US$20 or less depending upon vendor. For about US$25 you can add a Tecsun AN-200 Passive Loop to improve AM reception.

Tecsun R-9012 (Own this one about 3 years)
Tecsun R-911 (Owned one for 11 years, just replaced)

Both of these models have been in production a long time about 15 years. Similar models at a higher price include these 3, but may not be easy to find (usually US$25-30).

Kaito WRX-911
Tecsun R-9710
Tecsun R-912

Paul S. in CT fn31nl

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