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Interested to read Mike and Garcias comments on  receiver suggestions. I own a Realistic TRF and forty + years ago it was the pick of MW rx. Also owned a GE Model 2 and 3 which were superb for MW above 1600 and logged many US stations ast taht time. Today my line up are Tecsun PL380 and PL606 coil-coupled to EWE antennas. Down at the 1 khz bandwidth they excel in logging US, Central American and SA DX.
I attach the EWE antena design. They are simple , directional, small, and very effective.

Regards Tony NZ

On Fri, 17 Jan 2020 at 12:30, Mike Sanburn <mikesanburn@...> wrote:
C.Crane seems to be pretty awesome these days.....I still have my old analog dial G.E. Superadio 2 that I bought in the 80s, it is a dx champ for the money....Its modern version is the RCA Superadio which sensitivity wise is not as good but does cover the entire X Band......My first ever ULTRALIGHT was a Sony M40W (no longer made) which lasted for 20 years (1989-2009) it was a hand held DX champ. (drawback again was it only tuned up to 1670 but the absence of the upper three new frequencies was more than made up on the rest of the band).   For many years Sony made the ICF2010 (digital) which had many bells and whistles and was a bit more pricey but a great DX investment.  Finally, when Radio Shack ruled, they had the little Realistic TRF small AM portable (analog) Super performance with tuned RF filter and I think it was in the $30 or less range. Maybe these are still making the rounds on eBay or flea markets.....Good luck and good DX!!!  73  

Mike Sanburn
Lakewood CA

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Subject: [UltralightDX] Looking for analog receiver suggestions (not necessarily modern nor ultralight)
Hello everyone,

Too long, wont read version 😊 I'm looking for suggestions of ultralight or mid-sized analog portable receivers that you recall having very good performance in both AM and FM. Feel free to recommend models from 60-70-80s as well.

I really like to listen to AM and FM weak stations. My main receivers include an ultralight (C.Crane Skywave), a booksized one (XHData-808) and a car stereo (GM media center, lots of exciting findings commuting to/from work)

However, I'm a bit either nostalgic or bored with the digital VFO steps and DSP behaviour. At home, most of the time I end up using an analog Sony ICF-38. It's is a joy to the ears listening stations slowing and softly coming in and out of of the IF passband. ICF-38 sensitivity is very good, however its filter __wiiiiiiiide__ in AM and FM. Local stations easily obliterate 2 channels below and 2 channels above the nominal frequency. 

Stephen Grossklass ( ) mentioned the Panasonic RF-B11 as a good analog receiver. It uses ceramic filters in both AM and FM sections Its competitor - Sony ICF-SW11 - does a good job on LW, MW and SW (tuned frontend+ceramic filter), but FM is subpar (Stephen explains Sony decided standard LC filtering in FM in SW11).

Have a great one!

pu3hag garcia

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