Looking for analog receiver suggestions (not necessarily modern nor ultralight)

h. garcia <pu3hag.l@...>

Hello everyone,

Too long, wont read version 😊 I'm looking for suggestions of ultralight or mid-sized analog portable receivers that you recall having very good performance in both AM and FM. Feel free to recommend models from 60-70-80s as well.

I really like to listen to AM and FM weak stations. My main receivers include an ultralight (C.Crane Skywave), a booksized one (XHData-808) and a car stereo (GM media center, lots of exciting findings commuting to/from work)

However, I'm a bit either nostalgic or bored with the digital VFO steps and DSP behaviour. At home, most of the time I end up using an analog Sony ICF-38. It's is a joy to the ears listening stations slowing and softly coming in and out of of the IF passband. ICF-38 sensitivity is very good, however its filter __wiiiiiiiide__ in AM and FM. Local stations easily obliterate 2 channels below and 2 channels above the nominal frequency. 

Stephen Grossklass ( http://stephan.win31.de/rx-eval.htm ) mentioned the Panasonic RF-B11 as a good analog receiver. It uses ceramic filters in both AM and FM sections Its competitor - Sony ICF-SW11 - does a good job on LW, MW and SW (tuned frontend+ceramic filter), but FM is subpar (Stephen explains Sony decided standard LC filtering in FM in SW11).

Have a great one!

pu3hag garcia

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