DX500 - 10/01/2020

Paul Blundell

DATE: 2020-01-10
TIME: 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Talbot Road Lookout, Launceston Tasmania


531 - 3GG: x

621 - 3RN: x

693 - 3AW: x

774 - 3LO: x

828 - 3GI: x

855 - 3CR: x

927 - 3UZ: x

1341 - HPON GEELONG: x

1422 - HPON MELB: x


NOTES:  A mid day session at the Talbot Road lookout. it was very overcast / smoky and started to rain at the end of my session. As I expected the bottom end of the band preformed well with on 3MT on 720KHz not making any appearance. 


The top of the band was pretty much dead, except for the two HPON stations on 1341KHz and 1422KHz which normally come in at good signals levels on the 3" FSL aerial.


Paul - Moderator

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