Loggings - 5/1/2020 - Mt Direction

Paul Blundell

Over the past few months my Ultralight DXing has taken a back seat, this has seen me relaunch my blog under a new URL and refocus on the core elements which first brought me to the Ultralight DXing hobby in the first place.

Today was my first session back out, for this I decided to tackle Mt Direction which is about half way between Launceston and George Town. I made it about 2/3 of the way up and found a good location to setup.

531KHz  - 3GG
540KHz  - 7SD
549KHz  - 2CR
585KHz  - 7RN
594KHz  - 3WV
621KHz  - 3RN
693KHz  - 3AW
720KHz  - 3MT
747KHz  - 7PB
774KHz  - 3LO
828KHz  - 3GI
855KHz  - 3CR
864KHz  - 7RPH
936KHz  - 7ZR
1008KHz - HPON Launceston
1080KHz - HPON Hobart
1224KHz - 3EA
1242KHz - 3GV
1341KHz - HPON Geelong
1422KHz - HPON Melbourne

On the way down I ran in to some of our native wildlife, including a close encounter with a decent size Tiger Snake (We have three types of snakes in Tasmania, all are extremely venomous. The Tiger Snake in the one you least want to run in to)

Photos: https://ultralightradiodxing.blogspot.com/2020/01/loggings-512020-mt-direction.html

Paul - Moderator

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