Re: 531 kHz UnID-- Ausralian Assistance Needed (Again)

Gary DeBock

Thanks Will,

<<<   I wouldn't 100% rule out 6DL and I was actually going to suggest that as a 'differential diagnosis'. The national weather at the start of your clip makes 6DL a possibility because that's exactly what the ABC does at the conclusion of its news bulletins. The more detailed weather report could be regional WA weather; the showers and thunderstorms with SE winds could have been for places like Albany and other parts of southern WA, or alternatively for the far northern Kimberley region.   >>>

That sounds very interesting, but other than going back to Hawaii and listening on 531 kHz again, there's not much more I can do to narrow this down to 6DL :-) I checked the ABC website for a Podcast, but in a cost-cutting move they seem to have deleted all of them over 8 days old. The lady's voice and speaking style are pretty disinctive, though, so I'm sure that she will show up again in the multiple Oz recordings made during this trip, or on our wacky plunging cliff on the Oregon coast.

Speaking of which, it's much easier to make sure of 531-6DL reception there-- you just record an AFL football game, and you know it's got to be Dalwallinu  :-)

73, Gary

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