Re: 531 kHz UnID-- Ausralian Assistance Needed (Again)

Gary DeBock

Hi Will,

Thanks very much for listening to the 531 recording, and for your assessment (which are greatly appreciated).

It would seem that the overall evidence would indicate 4KZ for this signal, and since I have another good 4KZ recording from Hawaii, it's OK if this one ends up without definite ID clues. There was an outside chance of tracking down 6DL from Western Australia, so I thought I would investigate all possibilities. 531 is a very productive frequency at our Rockwork ocean cliff in Oregon state, with 6DL, 4KZ, 2PM, PI and More FM all having been received there within the last couple of years (with Ultralights and FSL's). Of course that's no guarantee that they will show up in Hawaii :-) Thanks again.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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