Top Ten Asian Blasters in Hawaii

Gary DeBock

     Asian propagation is obviously enhanced in Hawaii-- not to mention DU propagation, South American propagation and that from many other areas. The "big gun" blasters are different from the Japanese and Korean regulars in the Pacific Northwest, however. The Taiwan-directed Chinese propaganda stations on 549, 783 and 909 test out your radio's crunch resistance every sunrise, along with a completely different set of big guns like 558-JOCR and 918-RNK in Cambodia. For those who would like to experience these Hawaiian beach blasters, recordings from the top ten Asians at Poipu, Kauai last month are posted below.

549  CNR5 (Zhonghua zhi Sheng)   Fujian, China   1200 kW   This propaganda mega-station is only 1 kHz away from 550-Maui, but the Hawaiian pest is little more than cannon fodder for the Taiwan-directed female speech at 1520 UTC on 11-5
558  JOCR   Kobe, Japan   20 kW   Overwhelming S9 strength is typical from this Japanese commercial blaster, such as at 1523 on 11-5
603  CRI   Dongfang, China   300 kW   The Vietnamese program's Chinese lessons are presumably beamed south, but a listener in Hawaii could have armchair reception on most mornings, such as at 1603 on 11-3
630  DZMM   Quezon City, Philippines   50 kW   Depending on propagation, this Tagalog blaster on our domestic frequency could make you wonder if Hawaii has a new local pest, as at 1623 on 11-2
666  JOBK   Osaka, Japan   100 kW   Southern Japanese stations like this one and 558-JOCR got a major boost from Hawaiian propagation while the others seemed to take a hit. This NHK1 outlet made up for 594 (typically plastered by Honolulu) at 1631 on 11-4
738  BEL2   Penghu, Taiwan   100 kW   Hawaiian local pest on 740 doesn't slow down this super station at all with its Indonesian program at 1545 on 11-3
783  Voice of the Strait (Haixia zhi Sheng)   Fujian, China   600 kW   Another Taiwan-directed propaganda blaster with S9+ strength every sunrise session, such as with Chinese pop music, 5 + 1 pips and the sign off message at 1556 on 11-6
909  CNR6 (Shenzhou zhi Sheng)   Fujian, China   100 kW   One more Taiwan-directed mega-station with various Chinese ID's prior to sign off at 1603 on 11-3 (with sign off at 1605). This station, 783 and 549 typically wipe out their frequencies in Hawaii until they sign off
918  RNK   Phnom Penh, Cambodia   600 kW   Elusive catch on the west coast is a powerful big gun in Hawaii, blasting in every morning with distinctive Cambodian music prior to its 1702 UTC sign off. This S9+ signal at 1652 on 11-3 is apparently a news wrap up before the sign off routine starts (heard on other days as well)
1575  VOA   Ban Phachi, Thailand   1000 kW   The VOA's Bengali program sounds a lot better without the Iranian Jammer plastering it (like it did last year, at the same beach). This overwhelming signal was at 1605 on 11-2

Gary DeBock (DXing with Craig Barnes and Chris Rogers in Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii from November 2-8)

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