Re: New style FSL Part 2

Dean wayman

Thanks Gary :
BTW i don't feel like anyone was giving me grief about these new loop's ,And honestly my goal was just to see if there  was any advantage to the basket weave design that I had been thinking about for some time.
Also I wish I had the time etc. to take this new loop to where you DX !  that would tell the tale about their design ,but I don't think that will ever happen .
Another thing I wanted to test was If a small loop setup could be used  in a phasing setup  .
I have a Pixel loop and a active vertical antenna  here at the house ,and I wanted to see if these loops could be as useful as that antenna setup ? So far I think they can come close to the bigger setup ,and what an improvement has been seen with my normal QRM .
There may be refinements in these loop's as time goes by ,most likely when the weather warms here, I'll be out there using them and have to make changes based on use,  etc.
Last week I gained 2 new stations in my log book which has been stagnant for a while now . Maybe as the solar min. turns the corner I can add more ?
Still, all-In-all I'm having fun doing the work .

Good DX all
Dean W.

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