Oklahoma TP DX 12-7-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

TP DX was better here this morning than for the past few days (LSR 1328). Again, JOUB was the most consistent signal received.
567 JOIK barely audible when checked at 1002, 1313 and 1325.
594 JOAK poor at 1324.
693 JOAB barely audible in extreme domestic 690 kHz QRM at 1333.
702 NHK2 (assume JOKD) strong heterodyne and barely audible talk // JOUB at 1254; het was audible through sunrise.
711 unID heterodyne at 1318.
747 JOIB poor with NHK TS pips for 0900, followed by woman talking; poor in 750 kHz splatter at 1000.
774 JOUB poor at 0821and throughout morning until fade out at 1330.
828 JOBB heterodyne against excellent WCCO signal at 0855; strong het at 1250; poor audio briefly at 1335.
972 HLCA strong heterodyne from 0956 until past sunrise; barely audible to poor talking at 1322-1328.
1566 HLAZ barely audible to poor at 1315-1316; fading in and out barely audible to poor at 1337 until close at 1344.
Receiver: Skywave with ALA1530LNP.

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA

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