Re: Tecsun R-9700DX or Tecsun PL310ET


While the 9700dx is a nice reciever for an analog it is a little harder to tune a specific frequency.  The sound is good and it does a good job of receiving weaker signals.  You will find it is effected by noise more bit that is common with analog radios.  Accept it for what it is and you will enjoy this radio.

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Op 3/12/2019 om 13:35 schreef Hans Stam:
> Hi all..
> At this moment I have the Tecsun PL-660, and this receiver is OK..
> But I have the intention to buy the Tecsun R-9700Dx receiver
> Is there anyone in this group who own this receiver? If you compare it
> to the 310et or 380 is there a difference in the sensitivity
> And how about the noise? I live in an apartment surrounded by offices
> etc.. So not the perfect place to listen
> Any replies are most welcome!

I would not spend 60$ on a 9700, but on a 390 or 390 with mp3 player, a

I own one, it sits in its box, waiting for a true crisis in my other
radios ...

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