540 kHz UnID-- Australian English Assistance Needed (Again)

Gary DeBock

This 540 kHz recording was made in Poipu, Hawaii at 1503 UTC on November 6th, and features a male speaker giving some sports news and a weather report. I suspect this is 540-4QL in Longreach, Australia with some local programming. The signal is strong enough, but with the accent I can't really pick out any local names to make sure the signal isn't Rhema from NZ. The weather report seems to have quite a few place names, all unfamiliar to me. Any Australian or NZ native speaker could probably dig out all the details very easily... help!  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/2842z2ptalg40wu9368645fbb79u76he

73, Gary DeBock (DXing in Poipu, Hawaii from November 2-8) 

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