Re: 558 kHz UnID-- Australian Asiistance Needed!

William Renton

Hi Gary,

This is 100% 4AM Mareeba as Mareeba is mentioned near the end of the clip (with 0:18 to go). The number mentioned  is 131 873 so a networked program from 2GB Sydney. 



On 30 Nov 2019, at 12:45, Gary DeBock via Groups.Io <D1028Gary@...> wrote:

     The following Australian AM-DX signal was received on 558 kHz at 1515 UTC on November 4th near the beach in Poipu, Hawaii (actually, in the back yard of Australian DXpedition partner Chris Rogers' condo, while Chris was sleeping in after chasing North American DX most of the night).
     Normally Australian signals would be easy to identify, but on 558 kHz in Hawaii there were JOCR, HLQH, NZ's Radio Sport and Radio Fiji One competing for attention on the frequency, as well as this station. Anyway, the Australian call-in talkback show host is introducing his topic of overpriced houses, and giving out a few phone numbers to call
If any of our Australian members recognize the format, host or station, your opinions would be greatly appreciated!
     At the time I thought this might be the Super Radio network, but was unable to check any of the parallels like 531 or 639 because of a maze of other signals on the parallel frequencies (for example 531 had JOQG, BCC in Taiwan, Zhejiang in China, 4KZ and 2PM fighting it out at times, as well as a probable PI from NZ). File review after this Hawaii Ultralight DXpedition is turning into an interesting experience :-) 

73, Gary DeBock (DXing in Poipu, Hawaii with Chris Rogers and Craig Barnes from November 2-8) 


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