Oklahoma TP DX 11-18-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

TP DX this morning was slightly better than the past two days. Surprising was the post-sunrise reception of 567, 594, and especially 1566.
567 JOIK barely audible traces in KLIF-570 QRM at 1213. Barely audible at 1219-1223 (LSR at 1210).
594 JOAK barely audible at 1133. Barely audible-to-poor between 1211 and 1225.
702 unID heterodyne from northwest at 1145.
747 JOIB fair signal with severe WSB-750 QRM at 1131; barely audible talking at 1242-1247.
774 JOUB fair at 1123; poor talking at 1249.
828 JOBB piercing heterodyne with poor audio at 1129; poor in WCCO-830 QRM at 1240.
972 HLCA with strong het but no audio at 1126 and throughout listening session.
1566 HLAZ barely audible-to-poor at 1225 until finally fading away at 1236 (26 minutes past LSR).
Receiver: Skywave with ALA1530LNP

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA

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