Re: Hawaii DXpedition Final Day-- 400w Australian Bonanza!

Chris Rogers

My equipment used on the trip was a 5" FSL antenna and C Crane "hot-rodded" receiver both provided by Gary and a Tecsun PL880 and a PK Loops 20" amplified loop.
The PL880 was modified to allow the loop to use the external antenna jack on MW which when supplied by the factory only functions on SW. I was very comfortable using this receiver and antenna combination and have dxed for many hours on both. Whilst the PL880 is not a "Ultralight receiver" in my opinion it is the pick of modern portables and performs extremely well.

Having said that I used the C Crane skywave radio at the condominium I stayed at, and the reception from some very desirable Pacific Island stations, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tuvlalu, etc as well as many of the other stronger US mainland stations were audible at armchair level inside on the modified C Crane Skywave. They were further enhanced with the FSL. The FSL antenna and C Crane receiver together requires a fair bit of practice at getting the best out of it, and in that regard I am just a beginner.

Gary is a wizard at using the FSL's and the Ultralight portables, and the results he gets is absolutely amazing and a credit to his skill both as a dxer and a engineer of both the enhanced radios and FSL antennas.
Most of my dxing carrrer has been done in the past with communications receivers like a Drake R8B and with beverage antennas, and lately with loop antennas as usually on islands where I like to dx from there is no room for a 750m+ beverage antenna in the direction you want to listen to. A FSL or loop antenna is a must if you want to dx successfully in a environment that does not have a lot of room for large antennas.

My results from Poipu beach were numerous, including mainland US stations, various Pacific Island stations, and a few Latin American stations. I logged and identified 74 stations in total. For me there was so much to listen to and just not enough time.

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