Re: Testing of radios with FSL aerials

Dean wayman

Hi :
Well i only have 2 radio's to tell you about so far (well i have several but just the 2 i have been testing with ).
Tecsun PL 600 ,this set has been my constant companion for FSL antennas andĀ  round the house listening, It works very well with my 3 FSL"s and ok for general listening etc. A rather older model but has given good service since i got it. BTW i had a PL 880 ,but wasn't impressed with it so i returned it.

Sangean ATS 909X ,this set has the mods done by Radio Labs ,Detent removed from the tuning wheel and a couple other things i don't recall what though,Oddly enough it works ok While using a FSL but doesn't seem to give the volume increase like the Tecsun does when you get to the peak on the FSL ? I can only think that the sound mods done on it have changed the AGC, or signal processingĀ  or something ? In the upper part of MW ,Above about 1550 khz the FSL doesn't seem to give much boost but it does help with the signals , I also don't like the signal meter very much it seems to react slowly to boosting ,if it does react ? Almost like the tuning meter isn't as sensitive as my other radio's?

I guess if you need more info ask away ?

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