Re: Hawaii DXpedition Final Day-- 400w Australian Bonanza!


Well done Gary and Chris re the MW exotics logged at Hawaii.

I note that Chris was using a PK loops 50 cm (19.7 inch) diameter loop. Interested to hear what signal gain and directivity differences were experienced for the 5 inch FSL versus the 50 cm PK loop.

I am considering purchasing a 65 cm (25.6 inch) diameter loop for AU $250 including postage from PK Antennas. The 65 cm version is their largest passive (non-amplified) loop that covers the full MW band. My main intended application is taking it away on vacation trips, or to nearby parks, etc. My 102 cm (40 inch) side length square PVC tunable box loop is too big for anywhere but inside the house or outside in the backyard. The smaller 65 cm loop may also be useful for local strong signal null vertical plane tilting at home. 

For anyone that can handle mosquitoes and crocodiles, Northern Australia offers a large variety of exotic signals that could be considered for a future ULR MW DXpedition. Australian DXers Dave Onley and Craig Edwards have already conducted a comprehensive DXpedition to Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory [1].


Sydney, AU


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