Re: Cruise ship dxing


I took the Inside Passage to Alaska cruise in August/September of 2002 on Norwegian Cruise Lines.
I had an outside cabin near the front of the ship. No balcony, but a large rectangular window with an inside sill large enough to place my Sony ICF-2003 and a Radio Shack Medium Wave Loop (Tecsun AN-100 Look-a-Like).
The first morning of the cruise, we ran into a very nasty gale. Propably a typhoon that became extra-tropical. It lasted the entire time we were outside the inside passage.
I survived on the patch for sea-sickness, Preparation-H :( and a $500+ Bar tab. I saw blue skies the first night, the morning at Glacier Bay and the morning we arrived back at Seattle.
Our cabin was on the port side (left). Reception was not so hot going up to Alaska, but was fairly good on the way back. With the radio/antenna combination, I clearly heard AMBC stations from Anchorage to San Francisco. Seattle and Canadian coastal stations were very clear. I don't recall how Shortwave was since I didn't concentrate on that.
I recall the Solar conditions were not good at all. In fact, there was Aurora during the trip, just we couldn't see it :(. The gale was so severe that the second night laying in the top deck jacuzzi, I couldn't see the boiler towers on the ship.
Have fun. Enjoy the cruise and the vacation. Don't spend too much time on the radio.
73 Art K7DWI now in Grants Pass OR

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