Re: Cruise ship dxing

Andy ZL3AG

Mount an active antenna beside a small camera on a tripod. A camera on a tripod looks a lot less weird than an antenna by itself.

On 7/11/19 9:13 pm, kevin asato via Groups.Io wrote:
Unfortunately, your US or Canadian Constitutional Rights take a back seat to Captain Ahab and crew who have ultimate authority as to what is proper conduct on board the ship. All kidding aside about the Captain Ahab reference but it is best to have your activities cleared ahead of time. Like anything else, your activities can appear to be suspicious given the current climate of fear of global terrorism and an uninformed populous on board the ship. You may wish to start by contacting the cruise line company about their policies as well as attempting to contact the ship's captain or Radio Officer about your intentions to get their permission to operate/listen.
On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 10:08:28 PM PST, Phil EVG <phil@...> wrote:

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