Re: Cruise ship dxing

Deron Thomas Lundy

I have done a little bit of cruise ship DX’ing, too.  I have mostly used my Sony 7600GR with the whip antenna. Anything with good reception from just the built-in antenna should work well on a ship. Good headphones are a must, and I have brought my Sony MDR-7506 cans with me. 

I actually have had good experiences listening on board. Looking over a log I made on a cruise in 2013, I managed to catch a few countries that were new to me, and it looked like Middle Eastern stations were coming in very well on that trip! I thought that interference was definitely better than it is in the built-up suburban areas I have lived. One disappointment is with MW and LW listening. I have never caught any MW stations of note, and I have not heard any LW broadcast stations.

Most of my listening has been done in a lounge chair on deck somewhere, on the balcony, or even while relaxing on a beach reading a book. I don’t have the chance to either read for fun or SWL’ing much, so they are both great ways for me to relax on vacation!! 

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