Re: Down Under Success!

Gary DeBock

Congratulations John,
     Your receptions of 5AN and 4TAB-891 are fantastic, and show that Ultralight DXing is the perfect cure for DXing boredom!  There are many new challenges in Ultralight DXing, even with your breakthrough loggings of the first DU's, using your trio of Ultralights hooked up to the Wellbrook array.  You should feel very proud, in hearing the first definite ID's from Australia, the last area in the world to be logged by North American ULR DXers
     As Guy Atkins and I join you at Grayland on Sunday night,  I'll be bringing the latest in hot-rodded Ultralights, as well as the 19.5" loopstick ICF-2010, to try my own luck.  My stock SRF-T615 also will be eager for another shot at the 531-DU station, which never ID'ed during a 10 minute stretch on April 20th :>) 
     The last time at Grayland, some audio from 2YA-567 was heard on the 20" loopstick SRF-39FP, but splatter from KVI-570 was just too much to pull out any ID's.  So if you are looking for some new challenges, John, you might try for this and other New Zealand stations, if propagation allows.
     Congratulations again, John, and I'm very happy that an experienced DXer like yourself has discovered the supreme thrill of DU chasing on the Ultralights, which is something like the ultimate challenge in this exciting new form of intercontinental AM-DX.  See you on Saturday (along with Ruth, Danny and the "Frankenlights").
                                                                                             73,  Gary

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