Poipu, Hawaii DXpedition Team at Full Strength

Gary DeBock

   Poipu, Hawaii is a very interesting place for DXers, with lots of long range action going on at both sunrise and sunset. There is ocean-based propagation enhancement coming from all four directions, and propagation shutdowns seem to ignore the place. You typically have a smorgasbord of choice DX coming at you twice a day, with limited time to process and adjust to this amazing new propagation bonanza-- let alone keep up with the more mundane necessities of eating and sleeping.
     Craig Barnes, Australian Chris Rogers and yours truly have suddenly found ourselves in this weird DXing paradise for 6 days (November 2-7), and we finally got together for a sunset session Sunday night in the back yard of Chris' condo. A retired L.A. County sheriff living next door helped us take a group photo (which is attached), and also shared with us how relaxing in Hawaii is the perfect way to decompress from the stress of his ex-job. Kauai has gorgeous beaches, lush green scenery and very friendly people, but for DXers looking for "guaranteed" ocean-fueled propagation, it's very tough to beat!

Gary DeBock (DXing in Poipu, Hawaii)



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