Poipu, Hawaii Ultralight DXpedittion Kicks Off

Gary DeBock

     Our DXpedition group still isn't at full strength and we are still separated, but the Hawaiian TP-DX this morning was enough to convince any west coast DXer that he has suddenly been elevated into an entirely higher propagation league! South Pacific and Asian signals were fighting it out at S9 levels, with several like 630-DZMM, 918-RNK and 927-BCC testing out the crunch resistance of the Ultralight.
     As Walt has called it the session had a strong DU influence, with Australian stations dominating many frequencies when the FSL was turned their way. Bu just as easily the Japanese and Chinese big guns had their way on the same frequencies when the 5" antenna was turned (which takes about a second to accomplish). The DU-slanted propagation seemed to have taken a toll on exotic west Asians like 702-BBC, and the 1530 UTC AIR English news parallel received last year (927-954 kHz) was plastered by Taiwan on 927 and JOKR on 954. During a slight fade of 927-BCC the same AIR lady's English voice from last year seemed to squeak through at 1535, but this morning obviously wasn't the session to go after exotic west Asians or Indians.
     Since I hadn't yet met up with Australian (and South American DX expert) Chris Rogers I had an extra set of 5" FSL antenna and 5' PVC base to play with-- and play they did! They tracked down 918-RNK (Cambodia) at an S9 level for most of the session, as it completely plastered Shandong and the Filipino. What better way to make someone completely forget about west coast propagation? Here it was at 1629 UTC, all alone with Cambodian pop music    https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/5oigynv2zemzgmbtiyszjhwour2y8tvp

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (DXing at Poipu, Hawaii)
Two 7.5" loopstick CC Skywave Ultralights +
Two 5" Frequent Flyer FSL antennas (on 5' PVC bases)
Photo attached with Australian DXpedition partner Chris Rogers (we plan a sunset session together today!) 

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