Innovative Ferrite Antennas- Part Two

Gary DeBock

At the IRCA convention in Tukwila, WA (USA) last month I was honored to give a presentation on creative ferrite antennas-- and creative DXing locations to use them for maximum effectiveness. The "Part One" video was uploaded immediately after the convention on YouTube, at
Some have asked whether there was a "Part Two" video of the speech, and in fact there was another video recorded at the time by my wife, who was probably struggling to stay awake while spending most of the day with a group of nerdy DXing fanatics. As with the first video, the presentation should be interesting to those eager to learn of the latest DXing tricks with FSL antennas and enhanced loopsticks-- and for those who lack such interest, maybe as a cure for insomnia?

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 

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