Re: Fw:


Good to see your images, Dean!
The range 150-1700kHz raises a query:
how well do they work a bit higher, ie
for reception of amateur/ham signals in
the 16m band?

In urban areas, interference levels can
be so high as to thwart working on 160m.
Using a "regular" dipole for tx and a
remote FSL for receive might be an option.
A magloop can do this, but needs to be
quite large. Although heavy, a FSL might
offer greater feasibility - if if works :-)


On 27/10/2019 02:41, dean wayman wrote:
The largest loop ( 8 inch red Litz ) Tunes from 150-1700 Khz....
The middle loop (blue litz ) is just for MW freqs.
The small loop (3 inch blue litz) tunes from about 250- 1710 Khz
Glad to be back in the loop 😋
Dean W.

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