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Found u 😋



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 Glad i found the group again .I've been away for a few years ,but I've been busy at times fooling around with various FSL and other antenna"s. Since I was last here I have built 5 FSL loop's, Because of the lack of Ferrite  over time 2 of those have sacrificed their parts to build other loop"s.

The largest loop ( 8 inch red Litz ) Tunes from 150-1700 Khz. with some vodoo from several fixed caps  and a gang switch  ,😋

The middle loop (blue litz ) is just for MW freqs.

The small loop (3 inch blue litz) tunes from about 250- 1710 Khz

At the moment I'm working on a new design involving Ferrite rods ,And using a very high Q capacitor .I finished the mock-up phase and did a little testing yesterday AM ,I found some interesting results ,More on this later at some point.

Several years ago Steve Ratslaff (sry spelling) and I , talked back and forth ,at the time I was building the biggest loop ,and he gave my great advice to achieve my objective ,of course over time I've lost his e.mail  etc .   Hope he is still around ?

Just finished watching Gary's Convention speech I hope there will be a Part 2 ?

Glad to be back in the loop 😋 

Thanks Gary ,,,,,,,All

Dean W.

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