Re: Cairns, Queensland DXpedition with XHDATA D-808 & 28 inch/70 cm loop

William Renton

Hi Gary,

I suspected that. Are there any ULRs with full SSB functionality on MW that you would recommend (if they exist at all)? I presume the CC Skywave also falls foul of the size limit for ULRs. The SSB on the D-808 produces quite good audio when set at the higher bandwidths (3-4 kHz) and I actually prefer it to the rather muffled sound of the Tecsuns at 1 kHz (really ~3 kHz). 

For me personally, the aim is to receive trans-oceanic DX on an inexpensive mass-market receiver; the D-808 clearly fits this brief. 

Looking forward to your next DXpedition- maybe you should go to somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean like the Maldives or the Seychelles, if finances allow (and before they disappear!) 2BL Sydney has been received in the Seychelles on a barefoot Tecsun PL-390- phenomenal! ( 

Best regards,


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