Cairns, Queensland DXpedition with XHDATA D-808 & 28 inch/70 cm loop

William Renton

Hi all,

Back in June, I travelled to Cairns, Queensland for a mini break/DXpedition with another DXer (don't think he's in the group). Some of you may have seen the footage already but for those who haven't, the videos are contained in this YT playlist:

We were fairly pleased with the performance of this loop/radio combination. Conditions are much better in Cairns compared to Sydney; e.g. of the US stations, only KBLA 1580 and KUAU 1570 are regulars down here. There is also much less QRM from domestics as Cairns is well away from most of the big gun stations. 

A final point- is the D-808 considered a UL radio? I do have a Tecsun PL-380 but haven't used it in years. I need to use the XH-DATA's SSB down here to get rid of splatter from the Aussie domestics. 

Best regards,


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