Re: Group Stats / Future Plans


Hi Gary,

With the demise of Yahoo Groups scheduled for Dec 14, 2019, I have the responsibility of transferring the ICDX, and ICDX Australia AM/FM/TV DX groups to the website.

I was automatically invited and transferred from the former Ultralight Radio Yahoo group. I didn't even need a password.

When creating a new group, there is the option of displaying all messages and content to anyone on the Internet. Even non-members can read posts. Does this create a potential problem with spam? If spammers have access to individual e-mail addresses in message posts, they could record this for later use. Has anyone had issues with increased spam associated with full public access DX discussion groups such asĀ

If so, I may elect to create new groups as hidden from general public view, i.e. only members can view postings.

I gather the message posts and files transfer from Yahoo Groups was easy enough.



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