Oklahoma TP DX 10-16-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

Reception of TP DX was improved here from yesterday (LSR 1238).
594 JOAK poor at 1211-1213.
603 unID barely audible talk at 1239-1240.
711 unID heterodyne at 1240-1241.
747 JOIB fair, EE lesson at 1204,
774 JOUB poor at 1155-1157.
828 JOBB heterodyne (no audio) at 1229; poor. talk at 1241-1242.
972 HLCA poor at 1143 (also audible on barefoot Skywave); fair at 1246 to fade out at 1249. Again the best signal from Asia.
1242 JOHR barely audible to poor at 1235-1237.
1566 HLAZ poor, JJ talk at 1245, fading away at 1246.
Receiver: Skywave and Skywave SSB with 8-inch FSL. I wasted too much time this morning switching between the two receivers only to find the Skywave is best suited listening to MW DX.

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA

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