Holiday - Possible DXing Targets

Paul Blundell

Next month I have two holidays booked:
- The first is a cruise with my wife, for this I will be taking my TEAC PR130 and going "bare foot". 
- The second is a driving holiday with my wife and children, for this I am hoping to be able to bring my 3" FSL and kit.

What experience do others have with taking radios on a cruise boat, I think trying to get my 3" FSL on board might be an issue? I am preparing a list of frequencies to try and those that should be "clear" for some possible DX.

With my second trip, we are driving so will be able to stop on the way, between Melbourne and Brisbane, any good radio spots worth trying to get to / see? I am thinking of making the focus on DX more on the way back down. We are getting the boat across bass straight.


Paul - Moderator

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