Oklahoma TP DX 10-10-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

TP reception was subdued this morning (LSR 1233).

612 unID (4QR?) carried heard at 1226; barely audible audio (talk & music) beneath severe KSCP 610 QRM at 1239-1242.  

702 unID (2BL?) weak carrier with XEGD 700 QRM at 1229.

747 JOIB poor with CJVR 750 splash at 1157

828 unID (JOBB?) weak carrier with severe WCCO 830 QRM.

972 unID (HLCA?) weak carrier with moderate WDAY 970 QRM.

1116 unID (4BC?) trace of signal at 1234.

Receiver: Skywave with 8-inchFSL.

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA.

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