Oklahoma TP DX 10-9-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

A few TP signals were heard here this morning.

594 JOAK barely audible at 1205-1212; poor at 1221; still audible at 1236 (LSR 1232).

702 unID (2BL?) weak carrier with slight XEGD and WLW 700 QRM at 1226-1232.

747 JOIB poor with CJVR 750 splatter at 1213.

774 JOUB poor, occasionally peaking to fair, at 1032-1152.

828 JOBB barely audible // JOIB at 1215, improving to poor by 1223; still audible at 1238.

Receiver: Skywave with 8-inch FSL.

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA.

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