Innovative Ferrite Antennas Speech (IRCA Convention)

Gary DeBock

For those who missed the September IRCA convention in Seattle, you still have a chance to catch one of the presentations. My wife kindly offered to record a video of my "Innovative Ferrite Antennas" speech at the convention, driving up to the Tukwila Marriott on September 7th to spend the entire day with a group of nerdy DXers (and take all of the convention group photos later in the day) . Having her record a video seemed like a great idea until I started discussing the $1000+ cost of the larger FSL antennas, at which point I recalled that this information was supposed to be kept secret from my wife, who suddenly came down with a serious scowl as she recorded.

Anyway, the 19-minue video discusses the start of the Ultralight Radio group in 2008, the discovery of FSL antennas, the relative capabilities of a 7.5 inch loopstick Ultralight, a TSA-friendly "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna and an "Airport Unfriendly" monster FSL, and also a brief history of "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna DXing around the world, based on the article posted at
Featuring cameo appearances by host Nick Hall-Patch, IRCA President Bruce Portzer, east coast DXers Bill Whitacre and Brett Saylor as well as Nigel Pimblett, Tom Rothlisberger, Guy Atkins, Craig Barnes and many others, the video should be interesting if you have ever dreamed of really pushing your DXing luck with portables-- or maybe if you need a quick cure for insomnia?
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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