Re: Group Stats / Future Plans

Theo <theod438@...>

From memory, the original 'Yahoo!' group was about experiencing/testing/using a defined class (by physical size) of hand-held small receivers for DXing... that is, successfully catching stuff with same which for a lot of us would have been limited to more, um, professional/expensive equipment.  The receivers resulted from tech advances involving DSP micro-chips. 

Our 'founder' was undoubtedly the late John Bryant.

Leave it at that.

We're about "DX'ing" or long-distance reception using that particular group of rx, combining receiver-tech success with knowledge of propagation variables (and defined probabilities -- e.g. you ain't gonna hear daytime Brazil in Western Australia). 

Richard Allen in Oklahoma and Gary DeBock in Washington state still regularly support those ideals.

When the decision was made to switch to <>, I believe a discussion segment split off, though I never followed up on the opportunity.

Theo Donnelly
Burnaby, BC

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