Re: Group Stats / Future Plans


Paul an all : this is probably to be expected. Most of the
possible DX catches will have been logged; there will
be few transmitters left which have not yet been heard.
This might change when sunspots allow, of course.

Not all of us will have a high-spec FSL, or be able
to travel to oceansidse sweet-spots.

One aspect which would merit ongoing exchanges
is building variants of all shapes, weights and
sizes of the FSL, perhaps including versions
for 160m which would enhance listening to
ham traffic amidst otherwise swamping QRM.


Michael UK

On 03/10/2019 06:23, Paul Blundell wrote:
Hi all.
Over the past few years I have been keeping some stats on the group, as can be seen in the link below.
What I would love to see is the group to return to the previous activity levels of the past with some robust discussions going on, the sharing of loggings, DXing adventures, photos of these and more interaction. Are we all to a "comfortable" level where we are just going along or can we do something to fire ourselves and the hobby back up?
Paul - Moderator

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