Oklahoma TP DX 12-29-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

I was able to re-log ABC National Melbourne this morning (14592 km / 9067 miles).

612 unID (4QR?) carrier (no audio) in KCSP 610 splash at 1207-1232.

702 unID (2BL?) carrier (no audio) with XEGD 700 QRM at 1218-1231.

774 3LO barely audible with man talking (//ABC internet stream) at 1213-1218 and barely audible at 1225-1226 (LSR @ 1224).

792 unID (4RN?) trace of a carrier at 1222.

Receiver: Skywave with 8-inch FSL.

Richard Allen, near Perry OK USA.

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