Re: 1510 khz


re: "Wasn't WMEX on 1150 (in the 1980s anyway) with an oldies format?"

I think it was.  After the original WMEX (1510) abandoned "WMEX" and changed to WITS, followed by a string of other callsigns, someone else took over the "WMEX" moniker since it was up for grabs.  I think that station was the original WCOP, and is now WWDJ (

There is also a WMEX-LPFM, on the FM band in New Hampshire (, having no actual relationship to either the original or the current WMEX (AM) owners.  These days, the FCC allows unrelated owners to have the same root callsign on different bands, with an -FM or -LP suffix for the one that's on FM.  The original WMEX never had an FM counterpart.

It's interesting to see how many radio stations have used "WMEX" since 1981:


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