Re: 1510 khz


I used to work at WMEX (very long time ago).

Indeed they have been "silent" (not broadcasting) for the last two years, with few exceptions which were very brief and at greatly reduced power.  They are awaiting new power distribution to their newest transmitter location, which has moved from Quincy to Waltham and back to a new Quincy location (all near Boston), where it will share a tower with another radio station.  Its transmitted power once was 50 KW, but no more.  I think it will eventually be 10 KW in the day, and much less at night.  They have a new owner since last year.  The format will be "oldies" rock, with English-speaking announcers.  If you heard anything recently in Spanish, it wasn't WMEX.

Many in the Boston area have been waiting for months for WMEX 1510 to return to on-air status.  It hasn't yet.  New studios need to be built from scratch.  I believe the new 10 KW transmitter is in place, but the AC power feed to it might not be finished yet, based on what I read elsewhere.  People keep asking them "when", and the answer always is "later" or "soon".  The last estimate I saw was "September" but that was a month ago and it seems the estimates are always 1-2 months away.

It will have lower power than before and a non-directional antenna, so it is no longer beaming its signal away from other stations to the west that it was protecting from interference.

There were and I think still are other powerful USA radio stations on 1510.

(former WMEX transmitter engineer, in another lifetime)

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