Re: 1510 khz


Many thanks Paul.

Yes WWZN was one of my indicators of transatlantic propagation in the past. I'd like to know if they're back on the scene cause I suspect that it's the station I heard
though the music sounded more Caribbean than Mariachi/ Nortena.

WFED was not audible during the 15 mns or so that I monitored the band. 1620 was mute but Rebelde was very faintly detectable on 670.
No trace of Family Radio on 1570.

I still got a lot of noise on the band, might be the early season (it's still summer); I hope it's not the new Linky electricity meter that they installed in my village (it's supposed to transmit data
to a local hub , but not sure they use radio for that).

Situation is always interesting here in winter; some mornings it's all for the X band and nothing on lower frequencies, some other days it's VOCM-590 booming like a European and there's no transat over 1 mhz. Exciting !!

last winter I was lucky to get Argentina on 1350.
Also we're heading into the season when India and China pop in.


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