Re: 1510 khz

Paul S. in CT

This is a very interesting question. I will listen tonight on 1510.
In the meantime, the only answer I have after 14 years of ULDX is WMEX (former WWZN) from Boston, MA. Today I checked the FCC data, and results for "W", "C", and "X" ( USA-East, Canada/Cuba. and Mexico) turned up nothing else broadcasting in Spanish/Portugese.

Also, WMEX has been silent, with a new application to the FCC to reduce power to 10000 Watts day and 100 Watts night. The usual power is 50000 Watts day and night pointed at Europe... and over the years several people from Europe (especially England and France) reported hearing WWZN before the call-sign changed to WMEX. That change occured in 2016.

As a side-note 1500 and 1520 are also heard in your region, 1500 might have a baseball game on, and 1520 will talk sports or have a hockey game on late at night (even past midnight), your time. 1130 is WBBR and has been heard in Europe, along with 1110, 1140, 1170 and 1180 (All east-coast USA, or nearby).

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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