Re: Innovative Ferrite Antennas Article

Gary DeBock

Stephen, Paul, Jay, Vimal and Dennis,

Thanks you all for your comments on the Innovative Ferrite Antenna article, which are much appreciated!

Stephen, when I first saw the view of the Pacific from the Rockwork ocean cliff in Oregon, it reminded me of seeing the Pacific from the window of a 747 Jumbo jet 30,000 feet above the ocean :-)

I couldn't resist driving up and looking over the cliff edge, which surprisingly hasn't been fenced off despite the danger. And it wasn't long before I was pushing my luck way past the breaking point by setting up FSL antennas on the cliff edge at 3AM, wondering what this awesome location would provide in the way of transoceanic results. It didn't take long before I was routinely tracking down various New Zealand stations that had never been heard at Grayland over three decades-- including some that have still haven't shown up with even a trace there.

The transoceanic DXing advantages of rich farm soil have been proven over and over both in our Ultralight group and among spectrum capture DXers. At the IRCA convention I finally had the chance to meet Nigel Pimblett, an awesome DXer from Alberta who gets outstanding Australian results with his Perseus-SDR and broadband arrays on rich farm soil. Some Australian stations like 585-2WEB tell me that the strongest recordings they have ever heard of their signals come from my FSL's on the Rockwork cliff, and Nigel's broadband array in Alberta. When Nigel and I finally met each other it was like two long lost friends, who shared a special bond despite using radically different antennas and locations. Great fun! :-)

73, Gary


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